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Atlantis Rugby Earns 2 Medals at North American Invitational

Atlantis Rugby brought 7 teams to the North American Invitational and had a strong first day of competition putting 6 of our teams into the quarterfinals against the best competition that North America has to offer. It should be noted that each of our sides played in the Elite/Tier 1 division of their respective competitions which makes us even prouder of how hard everyone worked and how well they played this weekend.

Ultimately we finished with 2 medalists in the U18 and U16 Girls to go along with another top 4 finisher in the U16 Boys. Bringing 7 teams to this tournament and seeing 3 of them finish in the top 4 made for a great weekend of rugby and we are happy to see that almost all of our teams finished in an odd-numbered place which indicates that they won their final match of the tournament.

Here is a quick view of the final standings for each side:

U18 Girls – Third Place

U16 Girls – Third Place

U16 Boys – Fourth Place

U18 Boys – Seventh Place (Teal)

U14 Girls – Seventh Place

U14 Boys – Seventh Place

U18 Boys – Eleventh Place (Black)

The rosters for our medal winning sides are:

U18 Girls

Callie Rautenbach

Ella Gilliand

Coco Nate

Kiera Curtin

Chloe DeLeon

Leila Galarza

Amelia van der Kam

Akil Doherty

Liberty Benitez

Trina Rizzotto

Ashley Misch

Joselin Roque

Hannah Mulligan

Coaches: Kate Flanagan and Karl Barth

U16 Girls

Lindsey Mulligan

Lucia Hoffman

Caitlin Moroney

Mackenzie Marks

Alexa Kirschner

Annie Huettel

Emerson Callegari

Deliliah Staberg

Rose Rode

Jasmine Sadek

Viola Konig

Kiona Hill

Luci Brady

Coaches: Talia Carrasquillo, Elijah Seay

Here is a division by division breakdown of how each team did in all of their matches:

U18 Boys Elite Teal – Seventh Place Finish


17-7 Win vs Pioneer 7s Select

0-29 Loss vs Rebel Rugby Academy

29-0 Win vs Washington Academy of Rugby (WAR)


19-28 Loss in Cup Quarterfinal vs Layton Christian Academy

19-24 Loss in Plate Semifinal to Gorilla Rugby

19-5 Win vs Kahuku Boys Rugby for 7th place

U18 Teal did a great job to earn a spot in Cup Quarterfinals but were unfortunately still not able to solve the Layton puzzle after running into them twice at Bloodfest. To their credit the boys picked themselves back up after consecutive losses to start the day on Saturday and finished strong in their match against Kahuku to take 7th.

U18 Boys Elite Black – Eleventh Place Finish


12-12 Draw vs Kahuku Boys Rugby

5-33 Loss vs Utah Warriors Academy

0-45 Loss vs Rhinos Academy


14-26 Loss to Pioneer 7s Select in Bowl Semifinals

It was a tough weekend for U18 Black but the boys competed hard all weekend and should keep their heads held high. The teams that this side competed against this weekend finished in 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th place respectively so it was certainly not an easy draw. The opportunity to attend this event and compete against teams of this caliber will serve them well as they continue to grow and develop as rugby players.

U16 Boys Tier 1 – Fourth Place Finish


19-10 Win vs Rebel Rugby Academy

36-12 Win vs Provo Steelers Youth


28-7 Win in Cup Quarterfinal vs Rhinos Rugby Academy

12-17 Loss in Cup Semifinal vs Rebel Rugby Academy

12-29 loss in Third Place Match vs Layton Christian Academy

A decent number of this group played together recently at Cheesesteak 7s and the cohesion paid off in the early going as the U16s earned their way to the Cup Semifinals. A couple of losses against some really great teams to end the tournament shouldn’t put too much of a damper on what was an excellent weekend of rugby overall.

U14 Boys Tier 1 – Seventh Place Finish


20-0 Win vs Kaji Rugby

0-43 Loss vs Rhinos Rugby Academy

22-19 Win vs Salt Lake Valley Rhinos


12-38 Loss in Cup Quarterfinal vs Broncos Rugby Club

10-31 Loss in Plate Semifinal vs Kaji Rugby

19-15 Win vs Cavemen Rugby for Seventh Place

It was an up and down weekend for the U14s but one of the biggest positives from this group is the fact that they ended each day with a win. They’re a young bunch but they are determined and have some grit. It will be great to see how these athletes continue to develop.

U18 Girls Elite – Third Place Finish


37-5 Win vs Rugby Colorado Academy

41-0 Win vs San Mateo Wolverines

21-33 Loss vs Majestics


5-15 Loss in Elite Cup Semifinal vs The Rugby Advantage

36-5 Win in Elite Cup Third Place Match vs Badger Rugby Academy

After we had posted our Friday update we found out that there had been a slight change and that 4 of the U18 Girls teams would move into an Elite Cup. The U18s weren’t quite able to do enough on offense to get past The Rugby Advantage but they were clearly hungry to take home some hardware and put forth a phenomenal performance in the Third Place Match to bring home the bronze.

U16 Girls – Third Place Finish


26-5 Win vs Mana Performance Rugby

19-5 Win vs Guam Rugby Club (GRC Barbarians)

19-5 Win vs Southbay Spartans


17-0 Win in Cup Quarterfinal vs Mana Performance Rugby

10-14 Loss in Cup Semifinal vs Sac Pal Amazons

15-5 Win in Third Place Match vs Rhinos Academy

The U16s were phenomenal all weekend with 5 double digit wins and only one loss which was by 4 points. This group certainly showed this weekend that they are serious Cup contenders and we are already looking forward to them having the opportunity to take care of unfished business next year.

U14 Girls – Seventh Place Finish


0-29 Loss vs Rhinos Academy

22-12 Win vs Los Al Tribe

27-12 Win vs Provo Steelers Youth


19-25 Loss in Cup Quarterfinal vs Mountain Ridge Rugby

0-45 Loss in Plate Semifinal vs Rhinos Academy

21-5 Win in Seventh Place Match vs Provo Steelers

The U14s may have been our most resilient side throughout the weekend. After a tough opening loss to Rhinos they fired back with two wins to earn a place in the Cup Quarters. From there they had a very close loss and then another touch match against Rhinos. A lesser group may have had a letdown in their final match from there but instead the U14s put together a solid win against Provo to lock up seventh place.

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Wow the great commentary allowed me to get a good focus on all the games. Way to go athletics! I’m very proud of my Kiera Marie. I’m sure all the coaches deserve a round of applause for all their dedication and hard work!

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