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Team First Attitude: Having great teamwork and team spirit is something that will be involved in many other parts of a player’s life. No matter what they do or where they go in life, a player should always strive to be part of groups that are bigger than themselves.

Work Ethic: Consistent focus on what players do to improve through the way we focus,

our attention to detail, our attitude, and our desire to improve

Respect for Self and Others: Strive to respect, value, and appreciate yourself and others

Ongoing Pursuit of Knowledge: Constantly ask yourself, “what have I learned, what can this teach me, and where can I grow in my own knowledge of the game?”

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The mission of the Atlantis Rugby Academy is to develop character, technical skills, and tactical knowledge of High School Boys and Girls rugby players in order to provide them an opportunity to compete at the highest level. Through regional clinics, high performance training camps, and regional & national tours, Atlantis provides players who want to play competitive rugby in and after high school an ability to grow their game and the sport.

Core Values


The Atlantis Training Academy focus on developing foundational player development:

Technical Skills

Tactical Knowledge

Athletic Development





The Training Academy consists of two hour weekly training sessions. For the Spring of 2022, we will offer individual sessions 1-2 times a month. Location and dates will be announced soon.


The Training Academy is designed to run concurrent with and in support of regional school and club 15’s. The training Academy is comprised of four main components to develop the Atlantis Core Values:

Fitness testing periodically throughout the season

Technical skills & tactical knowledge

Mindset and player centered training approach

Conditioning & Nutrition counseling

The Goal

The goal of Atlantis Rugby is to bring together elite players identified through a variety of means - our Training Academy, showcase tournament, camps, clinics, coaches recommendations, RugbyPA performance, and local competition identification - for selection to our North American 7’s series competitions and regional 15’s high performance games.

In the Spring of 2022, The Atlantis Academy will look to host several skills training sessions. 

We will look to launch the weekly academy in the fall of 2022. Registration for that will open in the coming months.

How to join

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Academy Team Store

Training Academy members will be required to purchase their Training Kit from our Macron Team store. These items will be what players and coaches will wear during training. Please be sure to order the Training Kit Package. There are also additional optional apparel items available for purchase.


Spring Sessions to be announced

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Academy Coaches

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Jack Foley


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Biddy Boyle



Marsh Pennington


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