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Atlantis Rugby 2022 Recap

2022 was a rather eventful year for Atlantis Rugby as we finally got back up to full capacity with all of our sides back in action. We’ve separated things out by various categories below to give an overview of what we accomplished this year. Overall, we put a total of 22 sides into 8 different tournaments with 8 separate player categories represented. We also competed in all 4 continental time zones within the United States (as well as Grenada!) and saw 131 players make their Atlantis debuts across our teams.

American Tournaments by Time Zone:

Eastern – Cheesesteaks, Tropical, New York

Central – Bloodfest, Freetail

Mountain – North American Invitational

Pacific – Los Angeles

Tournament Breakdown by Player Category:

Men (3): Los Angeles, Grenada, Freetail

Women: Grenada

U18 Boys (7): Tropical (2), Bloodfest, Cheesesteaks, North American Invitational (2), Los Angeles

U18 Girls (5): Tropical (2), North American, New York (2)

U16 Boys (3): Tropical, North American (2)

[Note that the Cheesesteaks team was mostly U16 players but entered into a U18 division and therefore listed there].

U16 Girls: North American

U14 Boys: North American

U14 Girls (2): Tropical, North American

List of All Tournaments and Which Sides Competed:

Tropical 7s in Tampa Florida:

U18 Boys Elite x 2

U16 Boys

U18 Girls Elite

U18 Girls Open

U14 Girls

Bloodfest in Austin, Texas:

U18 Boys

Cheesesteak 7s in Wilmington, Delaware:

U18 Boys

North American Invitation in Salt Lake City, Utah:

U18 Boys Elite x 2

U16 Boys Tier 1

U14 Boys Tier 1

U18 Girls

U16 Girls

U14 Girls

Los Angeles 7s:


U18 Boys

New York 7s:

U18 Girls Premier

U18 Girls Club

Grenada Rugby World 7s:



Freetail 7s in Round Rock, Texas:


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