Atlantis Rugby Sevens welcomed 10 High School Boys and Girls programs for a Showcase event in Wilmington, DE.

First Annual Sevens Showcase

Atlantis was excited to event 10 different High School programs from 4 different states to compete in their first ever High School Showcase. As a kick off to most programs fall season, this was the perfect event to knock off the cob webs and get back to rugby. The goal of this event was to provide the Atlantis Coaches a chance to scout some of the best talent in the area for their upcoming 2022 season.

Teams played a round robin schedule, giving each side a chance to match up against some new and some familiar competition. The Teams participating included:

High School Girls

Doylestown Rugby Academy (PA)

Downingtown Rugby (PA)

Knightmare Rugby (PA)

Morris Rugby (NJ)

North Bay Rugby (MD)

High School Boys

St. Joseph's Prep (PA)

La Salle College HS (PA)

Minute Men (DC)

Atlantis Motley (PA)

At the conclusion of the boys matches, the Atlantis Coaches selected 26 players to participate in a showcase scrimmage.

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