Atlantis Rugby January 2022 Update

Updated: Jan 7

Atlantis Rugby has a lot of upcoming events in the month of January so we put together this article in order to help everyone get the information. Some details on the events are below and the clinics in Boca Raton, Florida and Emmitsburg, Maryland can be found on our website at while the January-May Academy in Limerick, Pennsylvania can be found at

The Boca Raton, Florida clinic is taking place from 11AM-1PM on January 15 at Don Estridge Middle School (1798 Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431) for boys and girls in grades 7-12 and will be led by Atlantis Elite Coach Greg Schor Haskin. The clinic will be valuable for novice and experienced players alike and is open to any USA Rugby registered player in those age groups for a cost of $20 per player. Info can be found at ( and registration can be done at (

Coach Haskin was a high level player and has significant coaching experience developing young players into the best versions of themselves and his son Chase has recently earned USA 7s residency and signed with Nola Gold in Major League Rugby. The Staff at this event will be focused on helping players sharpen their 7s skills by working on defense, attack, and overall 7s game management and strategies.

The Emmitsburg, Maryland clinic is taking place from 10AM-2PM on January 22 at Mount St. Mary’s University (PNC Sports Complex, 9211 College Lane, Emmitsburg, MD 21727) for high school boys and girls and will be led by Coach Jack Foley who has just recently returned from Dubai where he helped coach the North American Lions to a second place finish in one of the world’s most competitive international 7s tournaments.

This clinic, similar to Boca Raton, is a valuable experience for both novice and experienced players and is open to any USA Rugby registered high school rugby players. The focus will similarly be on developing defense, attack, and overall strategies for 7 on 7 rugby. The clinic goes for 4 hours and the cost is $45 per player. Info on Emmitsburg can be found here ( with registration here (

The Atlantis Rugby Academy is starting on January 21 and sessions will be every Friday (except Easter weekend) at 5PM at The Far Post (190 Airport Road, Limerick, PA 19464) until May 6 for a total of 15 sessions featuring some of the strongest and most experienced sevens coaches in the country including Jack Foley, Biddy Boyle, and Marsh Pennington. We mentioned Jack previously and his experience with the North American Lions. Biddy also has experience with the Lions, regularly coaching their men’s side at RugbyTown and Marsh is only a few weeks removed from guiding West Chester’s men’s team to the D1AA National Championship match.

This Academy is a unique opportunity for young rugby players to be placed in the sort of high level environment that usually isn’t available to everyone. The mission is to develop character, skills, and knowledge, in order to provide players and opportunity to compete at the highest level with core values of team first attitude, work ethic, respect for self and others, and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. The focus is on establishing foundational player development focusing on these areas as well as mindfulness and leadership and the structure will support the athletes by providing a program that is designed to run concurrently with, and in support of, the regional 15s competitions.

In addition to two hours per week of direct, hands on, rugby training the athletes will also be provided with fitness testing to track their progress, technical skills and tactical knowledge, a mindset and player centered training approach, and conditioning & nutritional counseling.

Aside from growing as players and experiencing the on and off field success that comes from these values, the players will be given an opportunity to earn selection to our North American 7s series competitions as well as regional high performance 15s matches.

Info on the academy can be found here ( and registration is here (

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