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Atlantis Rugby Holiday Season Preview!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Holiday Season is coming up and that means it’s time for Atlantis Rugby to play in three tournaments across five weeks! Our busiest time of the year will see us sending two high school girl's sides (club and premier) to New York 7s over Thanksgiving weekend, a senior men’s side and a senior women’s side to Rugby World Grenada the following weekend, and a senior men’s side to Freetail 7s in Austin, TX for New Year’s. There’s going to be a ton of fantastic athletes in action representing Atlantis so let’s take a look ahead and see who to watch out for!

(Please note that all rosters are subject to change as we get closer to a given event)

We currently have the following players scheduled to participate in New York 7s over Thanksgiving weekend:


Becca Balladeres (MD Marauders)

Emerson Callegari (Texas Thunder)

Emma Davies (Downingtown)

Ava Estright (Moon Area/West Pitt)

Nolah Flynn (Doylestown)

Annie Henrich (Orchard Park)

Annie Huettel (North Bay)

Reaghan King (Doylestown)

Alexa Kirschner (CLT Cardinals)

Callie Rautenbach (Moon Area/West Pitt)


Maggie Austin (Doylestown)

Kiera Curtin (Eagen Rugby)

Viola Koning (Summit)

Ellie Lysse (North Bay)

Lily McGettigan (Downingtown)

Lindsey Mulligan (SD Mustangs)

Sarah Ngo (Carmel)

Seven Suesue (Texas Thunder)

Tessa Weisgerber (Carmel)

Tahna Wilfley (Denver East)

On the sidelines we will have Jack Foley and Lauren Shissler as Head Coaches of premier and club and they will be assisted by Kaitlyn Schwarting and Emily Henrich. 14 of these players have previous Atlantis experience so the teams should be cohesive and ready to compete together! It should also be noted that we have at least 7 Atlantis boys that have been named to the Rugby PA sides so we are very happy to see that as well!

Atlantis will then travel to Grenada the week after thanksgiving for Grenada Rugby World 7s. This tournament started in the 1980s in Trinidad as “Caribbean 7s” before being played in Tobago from 2011-2015 and then Barbados from 2016-2021 prior to this year’s event being set to take place in Grenada. We will be taking a senior women’s side and a senior men’s side to this event.

The current women’s roster is:

Sophia Pyrz (Rhinos Academy)

Elizabeth Geary (Chicago North Shore)

Emily Krahn (Chicago North Shore)

Emily MaGee (Montreal Irish)

Emma Farnan (Chicago North Shore)

Kadie Sanford (Chicago North Shore)

Kaitlyn Broughton (Experts PR7s/Life West WPL)

Lindsey Mahoney (Headliners PR7s)

Tracey McLane (Tempe)

Molly Shamieh (Life West)

Roni Houck (Tempe)

Coaching the women’s side will be Lauren Trout from Chicago North Shore.

On the men’s side we currently have:

Joseph Smith (Rowan U/Schuylkill River 7s)

Brian Keown (Schuylkill River)

Matt Hughston (Charlotte)

Isaiah Rademacher (Dallas Reds)

Jake Feury (Morris)

Kyle Hegarty (Schuylkill River)

Matty Coore (Tiger)

Mitch “Full Boar” Vannoy (Schuylkill River)

Niall Carlson (Schuylkill River)

Nick DeAngelo (Philadelphia-Whitemarsh 15s/Schuylkill River 7s)

Ty Elkins (Columbia RFC/ROOTS Rugby Family)

Zach Rademacher (Dallas Reds)

Coaching the men’s side will be Chris Ryan from Conestoga High School/Schuylkill River as the side looks to defend their title from 2019.

The calendar year closes out with Atlantis competing at Freetail 7s in Austin Texas. The roster is not finalized yet but Lynn and Chris Howard are back on the coaching staff. You can expect the Dallas Reds to make up the backbone of the team and as players work out their availability we will update the roster.

The players we currently have confirmed are:

Blake Blaylock (Dallas Reds)

Devarius Miller (Denver)

Mitch "Full Boar" Vannoy (Schuylkill River)

Spike Davis (Dallas Reds)

Zach Rademacher (Dallas Reds)

Isaiah Rademacher (Dallas Reds)

Aren Martin (Dallas Reds)

Obum Imonugo (Dallas Reds)

Dylan Carrion (Belmont Shore)

This is a very exciting time for Atlantis Rugby with all of these tournaments coming up. We hope you’re looking forward to following along!

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