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Atlantis Puts Both Sides on the Podium at New York 7s!

Atlantis Rugby sent two high school girl's sides to New York 7s - Premier and Club - over Thanksgiving weekend and we are thrilled to see that each of them earned a spot on the podium with matching third place finished in their respective divisions!

The results are below, and we were also able to get our hands on statistics for the Premier side. In addition to the Atlantis results we have included the Rugby PA results and would like to shout them out for their strong performance. They included at least 7 Atlantis players on their rosters and their coaches included Kate Daley, Dana Alimena, Lou Raymond, Tim Jaques, and John McCurdy who all have experience with us.


Game 1: 5-17 Loss vs Rugby Advantage Black

Captain Annie Henrich showed quick thinking to tap and go for our try in this match. We exhibited good ball handling throughout the game and just needed to attack forward a bit more.

T: Annie Henrich (1)

Game 2: 21-17 Win over Vikings 7s

In the first half we applied a lot of pressure defensively and forced handling errors in order to the ball back over to us. We also had solid support lines on offense to help secure the win. From an individual standpoint we got two tries from Emerson, Becca made incredible tackles, and Nolah hit 3 conversions to go along with great poaching and offloads.

T: Emerson (2), Annie Henrich (1)

C: Nolah (3)

Game 3: 34-7 Win over Rugby Advantage Red

Comprehensive victory where the whole team performed well. Certainly a result we are happy with.

T: Annie Huttle (2), Annie Henrich (1), Ava (1), Emerson (1)

C: Nolah (2)

Game 4 vs. Quebec: Cup Semifinal 10-21 loss for a 3rd place finish.

Our opponents were able to utilize their size advantage to earn a 14-0 lead at halftime but we fought to the last minute and did manage to outscore them 10-7 in the second half though it wasn't enough.

T: Becca (1), Annie Huttle (1)

Scoring Totals:

T: Annie Henrich (3), Emerson (3), Annie Huttle (3), Ava (1), Becca (1)

C: Nolah (5)


Game 1: 35-7 Win over Play Rugby USA

The Club side got off to a great start against Play Rugby USA which is a great organization based out of New York seeking to build a better world through rugby. We've had crossover with them through the years on our teams and at our camps and we love what they've built.

Game 2: 36-5 Win over Upright Rugby Rogues

We kept things going strong in our second match of the day against Upright Rugby which is part of Canada's comprehensive rugby development program and always a great opponent. They are part of the North American Lions as are we.

Game 3: Cup Semifinal 19-25 loss to Aspetuck for a third place finish.

Unfortunately we weren't able to keep things going in our third match losing a close one to Aspetuck who are from Connecticut and compete in the Elite Girls Rugby League which is a newer competition that stretches from Connecticut to the Carolinas

Rugby PA Results are below:

Girls Club

Game 1: 40-0 Win over Kenmore

Game 2: 24-0 Win over Newfoundland Rock

Game 3: Cup Semifinal 29-12 Win over New Hampshire

Game 4: Cup Final 29-5 over Aspetuck

Tournament Champions

Boys Club

Game 1: 19-12 Win over Harvey School

Game 2: 38-7 Win over Kenmore

Game 3: 14-10 Win over Upright Rugby Rogues

Game 4: Cup semifinal 5-24 Loss vs Play Rugby USA for a third place finish

Boys Premier

Game 1: 21-22 loss vs Upright Rugby Rogues

Game 2: 21-24 loss vs Greenwich

Game 3: 29-21 Win over Mystic River

Game 4: Cup semifinal 24-31 loss to Toronto Reds for fourth place finish

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