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Atlantis Girls Sides Set for Tropical 7s!

Last year our U18 Girls brought home a silver medal from Tropical 7s. We have two sides back in action this year trying to earn some more hardware!

For the U18 Girls we've got:

I – Caitlin Moroney (Morris NJ)

II – Reaghan King (Doylestown PA)

III – Sydney Gottesman (Marin Highlanders CA)

IV – Lindsey Mulligan (SD Mustangs CA)

V – Ashley Misch (Summit CO)

VI – Maggie Austin (Doylestown PA)

VII – Viola Koning (Summit CO)

VIII – Hannah Mulligan (SD Mustangs CA)

IX – Lucia Hoffman (Summit CO)

X – Joselin Roque Lopez (Summit CO)

XI – Annie Huettel (North Bay MD)

XII – Alexa Kirschner (CLT Cardinals NC)

Head Coach Kate Flanagan

Assistant Coach Karl Barth

Manager Jaymie Hoffman

For the U16 Girls we've got:

I – Lily McGettigan (Downingtown)

II – Ellie Nurss (Moon Area PA)

III – Delilah Staberg (Summit CO)

IV – Morgan Suniga (Wellington Wizards FL)

V – Kayla Robinson (Doylestown PA)

VI – Kiona Hill (Liberty WA)

VII – Abbey McGettigan (Downingtown PA)

IX – Nolah Flynn (Doylestown PA)

X – Peighton Bowman (North Bay MD)

XI – Teagan Barth (Summit CO)

XII – Ava Estright (Moon Area PA)

XIII – Nakato Myers (Raleigh NC)

XIV – Noelle Robinson (Doylestown PA)

Head Coach Lauren Shissler

Assistant Coach Scott Hoffman

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