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Atlantis Boys Player Pool Set For Tropical 7s

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Tropical 7s is April 7-8 in Tampa, Florida. The tournament brings U12 to U23 teams from around the globe together for an amazing rugby experience. Last year we brought three boys teams to this event - 2 U18 Elite sides and a U16 side - and we look to expand on that this year with 2 U18 sides, a U16 side, and a U14 side. It can be difficult to split your roster into two sides that both compete in the Elite division but in 2022 we did just that for our U18s and both sides earned their way to the quarterfinals. Additionally, our U16s finished last year's tournament on a 4 match winning streak so the foundation is certainly set for a strong performance this year.

Here is the player pool:

U18 Black

I Chase Brown – Jesuit Prep (TX)

II Dylan Wachsman – Jesuit Prep (TX)

III Jack Milligan – Carmel (IN)

IV Gavin Thompson – Carmel (IN)

V Nick Woods – St. Pius X (TX)

VI Joe Dahlstrom - Wellington Wizards (FL)

VII Nick Roberts – Bixby (OK)

VIII Roman Cammarata – Conestoga (PA)

IX Paola Romano – Carmel (IN)

X Jack Del Monte – St. Augustine (NJ)

XI Michael Harper – Bishop Shanahan (PA)

XII Connor Harrison – Western Suburbs (VA)

Head Coach Keith McLean

Assistant Coach Chris Vassel

U18 Teal

I Aidan Rutledge – Cape Pirates (FL)

II Kevin Corso – LaSalle (PA)

III Jaime Rivera – Blackthorn (PA)

IV Jake Andre – St. Augustine (NJ)

V Matt Cleland – Doylestown/Berks County (PA)

VI Jordan Vassell – Boca Raton (FL)

VII Caius Michlitsch – Conestoga (PA)

VIII Leo Venables – Carmel (IN)

IX Oliver Acuna-Casey – Morris (NJ)

X Joe Verrekia – Malvern Prep (PA)

XI Brian Donahue – LaSalle (PA)

XII Ben Hartzell - Cumberland Valley (PA)

Head Coach Jack Foley

Assistant Coach Greg Schor


I Ian Dobbins – LaSalle (PA)

II Francis Burke – Elizabethtown (PA)

III Joey Craig (Doylestown PA)

IV Vance Disney – Coweta (OK)

V Riley Scrogham – Regis Jesuit (CO)

VI Aaron Kelly – Doylestown (PA)

VII Gabriel McGettigan – Hempfield (PA)

VIII Jerry Karcewski – Downingtown (PA)

IX Kyran Rautenbach – North Pitt/Coventry (PA)

X Mathew Harper – Bishop Shanahan (PA)

XI Dominic Pepe – Knightmares (PA)

XII Liam Gray – Wizards (FL)

Head Coach Tim Jaques

Assistant Coach Lou Raymond


I Jason Mock – Boca Raton (FL)

II Tyler Tinstman – Boca Raton (FL)

III J. Davis Parisi – Doylestown (PA)

V Jamie Weir – Doylestown (PA)

VI Sebastien Meyers – Graland (CO)

VII Brandon Zubyk – Doylestown (PA)

VIII Michael Henin – Berks County (PA)

IX Jackson Reilly – Doylestown (PA)

X Leelan Baughman – Elizabethtown (PA)

XI Louis Cipollo – Doylestown (PA)

XII Jeremiah Jones – Blackthorn (PA)

XIII Timothy Crozier – LaSalle (PA)

Head Coach Mark Weir

Assistant Coach Kevin Reilly

We are looking forward to a great weekend of rugby and we will provide updates as we go along!

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