July 8-9, 2017: Atlantis U18 Girls in Paris

What started out in 1986 as a men's invitational side has had many iterations over the years, and since 2014 there have been more Atlantis girls' squads than any other group (17 of the last 54 squads).  A measure of the experience these girls have been getting over the recent past can be seen in the fact that there was only one rookie - Haley Harris - on this U18 team.  Two of our players - Alex DiMarco and Julia Riekena - have represented the US at the U18 level.  Based on what I saw, there will be more national team players - and not just at the U18 level - out of this group.

We played really well throughout the tournament, falling in the final 21-12 to the Baby Paris Ladies (i.e. the Paris U18 Girls), a team of great athletes that we had beaten 17-7 in the Pool Round. I never like to play - for the second time - a really good team that we've already beaten; realizing my fear, the Paris girls won the final match 21-12. Nevertheless, it was a great weekend, and a 4-1 record is something of which to be proud. (It should perhaps be noted as well that France is the current European U18 Girls' Champion, and there were several French U18 national team players on the Baby Paris Ladies.)