Atlantis Rugby Atibaia Brazil
2002 Atlantis Rugby Atibaia, Brazil
2013 Atlantis Women to Lao
2013 Atlantis Women to Lao
Atlantis Testing Camp
2013 Atlantis Camp
1986 First Ever Atlantis
1986 First Ever Atlantis Sevens
2014 Sept Atlantis Open Sevens Camp
2014 Sept Atlantis Open Sevens Camp
Madrid Spain
2014 Madrid Spain Champions
Habana Howlers Sevens
Atlantis in Havana 2010: Habana Howlers Sevens
January 1996: Atlantis at Punta del Este Sevens
January 1996: Atlantis at Punta del Este Sevens
Atlantis Women Tour Borneo
2008 Atlantis Women Tour Borneo
Atlantis 2000
Atlantis to Havana Cuba 2000
July 2012 Carlin Isles
Carlin Isles Victoria 7s '12
2004 Atlantis Squad
2004 Atlantis Squad
1990 Taupiri New Zealand
1990 Taupiri New Zealand
Atlantis in Cuba
Obama may be the first US president to visit Cuba in 88 years, but Atlantis was the first (we're pretty sure) sevens rugby team to ever visit Cuba. Here's an article on the 2000 tour, which, according to Emil Signes, marked not only a rediscovery of Cuban rugby by an American organization, but the...Read more »
Atlantis U18 at Las Vegas Invitational
The Atlantis U-18 team had a tremendous showing at this year’s Las Vegas Invitational, going 5-1 on the weekend with wins over several very strong teams from throughout North America. Game One: Upright Rugby Rogues The weekend opened up against the Upright Rugby Rogues, an elite rugby Academy based...Read more »
The Atlantis boys U-16 had 6 returning players from last year’s team that lost in the finals to BC. The team had a good combination of ball winning forward, skilled halfbacks and strong runners. We would focus on playing our offensive pattern and solid defense—with the setback of losing one of our...Read more »
Atlantis U18 Girls Elite
This past weekend the U18 high school girls Elite team played in Las Vegas 7s. The team went in with a roster of 11 girls. Liz Wilson, Jordan Cowan, Gio Ferguson, Abby Tobias, Alex DiMarco, Delia Hellander, Brianna Vasquez, Brianna Whitfield, Alie Ramage, Megan Bird, and Allie Mennella. The team...Read more »
2016 Las Vegas Invitational
The Atlantis side that competed in the “Open” High School division at the Las Vegas Invitational was comprised of ten active players: Tamlyn Cowan, Jess Nagie, and Rosie Sharkey (from Morris, NJ), Susan Adegoke, Naomi Edouard and Niliany Martinez (from the Play Rugby Academy in NYC), Kathleen...Read more »
Emily Henrich passes to Elizabeth Wilson

Nov 28 2015 (All day)

Despite the cool temperatures there was heated play to be had on Randall’s Island as Atlantis fielded two teams at the annual New York Sevens: a college men’s and high school girls’ side. Both teams fought their way to victory in their respective divisions. High School Girls Last year, the Atlantis...Read more »